per violino solo

This piece explores the theme of betrayal (tradimento) in composing as well as in human hearing. On the one hand, the creative process—from musical ideas to notated music—inherits betrayal, where the music in mind has to be written down and through such activities the transcribed music somehow loses its original “je ne sais quoi”. The structure of the piece attempts to reflect different degrees of deviation between the intangible “musical ideas” and the tangible “activity of notation”. The subtle relationship between the notated music and the improvisatory performance (as one follow the flow of mind) is explored by giving the player freedom to improvise with given fragments.

On the other hand, the piece shows different layers of expressiveness and fragility of the instrument. As a “betrayal” to the traditional sense of listening, the most delicate of human ear’s hearing is explored. By employing the extreme sound quality, the states of hearing at times appearing and at times vanishing, as if gossamer strands at play with light. It invites the listener to both listen to and observe the intimacy of sound-making phenomenon in the very essence.

This work was written with supports from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.



  • Titolo: Tradimento
  • Organico: Violino solo
  • Anno di composizione: 2018
  • Durata: 14′ circa
  • Commissionato da: Marc Danel
  • Prima esecuzione: Marc Danel, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, MHC, Manchester, UK, 14.11.2019
  • Numero di catalogo: E404-023
  • ISMN cartaceo: 9790520240420
  • ISMN digitale: 9790520240437
14 novembre 2019
Marc Danel, violino
Manchester (Inghilterra), Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall