Corpo a corpo

per flauto e violino

This piece was written during the pandemic, which inevitably makes me reflect on the physical relationship of humans being changed. The whole piece treats the two instruments – flute and violin – as if they were inseparable twins by exploring their timbral nuances. In the middle section, the music shows a tendency of escape with flourishing embellishments, while there are always some indispensable contact (doubling pitches) holding the two together.”

Chia-Ying Lin



  • Titolo: Corpo a corpo
  • Organico: Flauto e violino
  • Anno di composizione: 2021
  • Durata: 5’
  • ISMN cartaceo: 9790520240451
  • ISMN digitale: 9790520240444
25 maggio 2021 
Giada Visentin violino, Antonio Sartini flauto
Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica 
18 febbraio 2023
Ensemble degli Intrigati
Modena, Chiesa del Voto – Gioventù Musicale Italiana