per violino solo

Chaconne for solo violin was a challenge for me using the monument of Violin literature, Bach’s Chaconne in D minor, as a main source of inspiration in order to write a composition for solo violin. 
The genetic code of the piece is a four notes cell that is presented right at the begging of the piece; G G# A# B (in descending order) 
The structure of the piece is a kind of “Music of the changes” which mostly has been obtained by different sections without clear borders. Each section tries to symbolise one of the idiomatic-virtuosistc characters of the instrument through its vast repertoire meanwhile these idioms gave me the opportunity of working on different variations on the primary melodic figure.
One other important aspect of the piece is the contrast of precisely written texture and controlled aleatoric writing. This contrast during the piece becomes one of the important aspects of the composition. 



  • Titolo: Chaconne
  • Organico: Violino solo
  • Anno di composizione: 2019
  • Durata: 8’ circa
  • Ascolti: Patricia Ibáñez su Spotify
  • Numero di catalogo: E404-014
  • ISMN cartaceo: 9790520240307
  • ISMN digitale: 9790520240314

Brano vincitore del primo concorso internazionale di composizione Ennio Porrino, Settembre 2020, Porto Santo Stefano, Centro studi di Don Pietro Fanciulli

11 settembre 2020 Rebecca Raimondi 11 settembre 2020, ore 21 PORTO SANTO STEFANO – Centro Studi Don Pietro Fanciulli Rouzbeh Rafie Chaconne Rebecca Raimondi
 Rebecca Raimondi, violino
Porto Santo Stefano (Grosseto) – Centro Studi Don Pietro Fanciulli

14 novembre 2022 
Silvia Mandolini, violino
Modena, Chiesa del Voto – Gioventù Musicale Italiana

16 novembre 2022
Quartetto Mitja – Giorgiana Strazzullo, violino
Napoli – Festival Dissonanzen